A Peek Behind the Linens (and Towels)

It’s probably obvious that at Casa Cool Beans, we LOVE our guests!  That’s probably the reason our humble B&B, located in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL has been rated #1 on TripAdvisor for 8 years now.  We wanted to share this video containing secrets and pointers about linens and towels that will be of some help to you the next time you host overnight guests!


Visit the Rio Gastronomia Festival This Week

Last weekend we (Lance, David, Sergio and his wife, Viviane, along with a couple of our guests at Casa Cool Beans) enjoyed a visit to the fantastic Rio Gastronomia Festival at Píer Mauá, the port area.

It was an amazing experience!  Dozens of food booths and food trucks.  Samples of some of the best local restaurants and latest culinary trends.  Classes and lectures presented almost hourly by top chefs and hospitality influencers from around the city. The setting along the water front, just off of Olympic Boulevard.  Phenomenal. The icing on the cake, if you will: a stage featuring DJ’s and live music!

David and I both fell hard for the sandwich de pernil (pork sandwich) from Lasai, Chef Rafa Costa e Silva’s Basque-inspired modern cuisine restaurant located in the Botafogo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The accompanying sauce has been added to my “must have list” to go in my coffin. We went back three times!

There was booze, booze and more booze…to include one of my very favorite Brazilian brewers, Colorado Cerveja (beer). There must have been several dozen cachaça brewers represented, so with the free flowing samples you needn’t even buy a drink–if cachaca is your poison.

Don’t miss this one!  In addition to last weekend, the festival will be open Thursday through Sunday (Aug 23-26th).  Event information can be found here: http://eventos.oglobo.globo.com/rio-gastronomia/2018/programacao/?mobi=1 (typed in Portuguese, but your web browser should be able to translate, if needed).  I supplied a short video of our experience as well–check it out:

Our Visit to the Rio Gastronomia Festival