Military Presence in Favelas Not Permanent

Nearly two weeks ago Brazilian President Michel Temer announced that military forces would occupy favela communities in Rio’s Metropolitan region during public security operations.  This led to widespread speculation and concern over when (and if) the military would be removed from these communities.  At a recent press conference, General Walter Braga Netto confirmed that military occupation would not be permanent.  Read on for details:


Photo by paul jespers on Unsplash

“God is the Only Option for the Poor”

Lacking the services typically provided to formal neighborhoods such as transportation, sanitation, and healthcare, favelas increasingly receive more and more attention from evangelical churches in the absence of the government.  Read on for more on evangelicalism’s battle against poverty and violence in Brazil’s favelas.

The Cantagalo favela in southern Rio de Janeiro is home to two Catholic churches and at least 15 evangelical churches, according to a local pastor. March 26, 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Chris Arsenault/ Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Airbnb is Rockin’ in RIO

When Airbnb was named the “official alternative accommodation service” for the Olympic games, it the first time that home-sharing was officially associated with the Olympics.  Read on to find out why, for RIO homeowners seeking additional income and Olympic visitors in need of lodging, this pairing seems to be a good match.

Christ the Redeemer during sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2, 2016.

Just Listed: RIO Property Owned By No One

Despite how the real estate market is faring in other areas, there is a booming market in RIO centered around a LACK of ownership.  This article offers an inside look at the reality of “home ownership” within RIOs favelas.  You’ll read about property negotiations that take place outside of the legal system and family and friends banding together to protect property against local militias and developers.  Check out the full article here: