Mayor Crivella May Have Two Left Feet

With all due respect to RIO Mayor Marcello Crivella, we’re left wondering if he may have two left feet and questioning whether he truly bleeds samba beats after an announcement that his administration may reduce subsidies for samba schools by half next year.  Oh, Mayor Crivella, say it isn’t so!  True, the money saved would be applied to a wonderful cause: much-needed resources and improvements for city-run daycare centers.  But there MUST be another source, one that won’t affect Carnival.  Read on and then tell us: what do you think?


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How ‘Festive’ Is Your Bucket List?

Today’s featured article is sure to help clear your bucket list.  Read on for a list of international festivals that should be on your bucket list, including–yep, you guessed it–RIO CARNIVAL!

A member of the samba school Grande Rio performs on the second day of parades at the Sambodromo during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

Forty Before Thirty

Today’s featured article sets the bar rather high with 40 trips to take…before the age of 30.  WE at CCB say: It’s never too late!  Read on for details!