Finished–And In Record Time

The new South Pier of Rio de Janeiro’s Tom Jobim International Airport has been unveiled.  And officials want to stress that the structure, which includes an additional 100,000 square metres and 26 new aerobridges, was completed in record time.  Read on for details:

RIOgaleao Pier Sul Fachada Foto Thiago Saramago Cafe das 431


Just Listed: RIO Property Owned By No One

Despite how the real estate market is faring in other areas, there is a booming market in RIO centered around a LACK of ownership.  This article offers an inside look at the reality of “home ownership” within RIOs favelas.  You’ll read about property negotiations that take place outside of the legal system and family and friends banding together to protect property against local militias and developers.  Check out the full article here:


Olympic Hopeful Has a Greater Purpose

Cullen Jones is training for his third Olympic Games.  But this member of the U.S. swimming team hopes to bring home more than medals from Rio de Janeiro this summer.  He hopes to also bring home a message to people young and old: Learn how to swim.  Read on to find out how a near-death experience at the age of 5 has molded Cullen into an athlete who swims for a greater purpose:

RIO Games First Priority

Brazil’s new defense minister, Raul Jungmann, has made it clear: the 2016 Olympic Games in RIO are his first priority.  Jungmann is committed to taking “all necessary measures so that this event will show to the world that Brazil can be peaceful, as is the wish of everyone.”  Read on for more:

CA Mother Hopes to Make Olympic History in RIO

Brittney Reese, considered the world’s most dominant jumper of the decade and single mother, hopes to make history at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by becoming the first woman ever to repeat as gold medalist in the long jump.  Read on to find out the largest motivator for this Chula Vista Supermom.