Famous Brazilian ACTRESS, ANA PAULA TABALIPA Sets Interview and Photo Shoot at Casa Cool Beans!

The holidays came early at CCB this year.  We are STOKED to have been the chosen location of an interview and photo shoot featuring the beautiful and amazing actress, Ana Paula Tabalipa!  Read on for more about Ana, who is known for her roles in Luna Caliente, Llamas de la Vida, and Chiquinha Gonzaga, and photos from the shoot.  The article from MENSCH.com is written in Portuguese, so we have included the text in English below (but your browser may also be able to translate the article into any language you choose):


Photos and Beauty Vinicius Mochizuki

Styling Samantha Szczerb

Thanks Casa Cool Beans (rental) and Duloren (lingerie)


STAR: Ana Paula Tabalipa, back more beautiful than ever

Ana Paula Tabalipais one of those unforgettable women that when seen on TV the time for and she seems to hypnotize any viewer. His first TV work was in “Malhação” and of course a legion of fans formed to follow in his footsteps. Angelic face, contagious smile and a discreet sensuality made her a muse of any season. In the series Luna Caliente was pure seduction and in October of 2008 she appeared irresistible on the cover of Playboy. But Ana Paula is not alone. In his trajectory the role of mother is what falls to him like a glove. It may not look like it but she is already the mother of four children. “But I do not regret anything, I LOVE being a mother, my children are my best gifts, my treasures,” commented Ana Paula. His newest challenge now is the character Asisa in the new novel of the Record, “Jesus”. The cat will not be anything good, but we will still love to see you back on the small screen. Meanwhile, love this beautiful photographed studio at Casa Cool Beans in Santa Teresa where she appears more beautiful and sweeping than ever.

Did you start as an artist as a model at the age of 13 or had no idea what you wanted for yourself? I started at age 13 as a model and mannequin without knowing what I wanted. Since then I started to work without stopping as a model, then doing trades with speeches, until I stopped in “Malhacão” everything without even thinking, it was happening!

And her TV debut as an actress was in “Malhação” in 1995, and scored with the character Tainá. How was this beginning? Roberto Talma saw me in a commercial and sent for me, they called from the globe to my house, and they called me for the tests I went to do without even knowing what it was for. After several tests, I passed and I heard about the project. It was the best way to start! I did not know camera position, light … I had no idea of ​​almost anything and the Talma was a gift that taught me everything.

After that you have not stopped working on several works on several broadcasters. What memories do you have of these works? Difficult to talk like this, every work has its peculiarity, were different moments of my life, learned a lot with everyone and I am very happy when I look at my career.

Throughout her career as an actress you have been a mother 4 times. Has the pregnancy ever bothered you in your career? Would something change in this regard? I refused several jobs because I was pregnant. Many people say that if it were not for my children I would be on another level. But I do not regret anything, I LOVE being a mother, my children are my best gifts, my treasures. I’m happier with them! I would not change a thing. Life is full of choices, and in them we always win and lose something, it is part.

How was / is managing your career with your mother? Would you say that is the biggest challenge? The challenge is daily, but we women have this ability to do everything at the same time, and it always works! Today I have no help, it’s me and the “children”. I’m doing everything, I’m a cook, a treadmill, a driver … But I’m happier that way, acting, even having a busy personal life to manage.

In 2016 you returned to Globo, where it began, for a participation in the novel “Sol Nascente”. How was the experience? It was not easy … I asked for a lot to do the soap opera and Frida gave me this opportunity in which I am very grateful! I made a participation, which anyone else could have done, I had the feeling of starting over. But I always took advantage of the good side of things, and made that participation just as it would do any great role. Now I’m happy and focused on my new role, the Asisa who is a delightful character.

Speaking of her, you’re now making her debut in Record’s “Jesus” with this character Asisa. What can advance us of what is coming? I’m thrilled with the novel, I tell my kids what they need to watch because it’s a history lesson! My character is intense, and does not have a scene thrown out. Asisa is a gift!

Is it your 2nd religious novel? What is it like to participate in a work that has this religious background? Do you have a special weight? Yes!!!! Jesus is the most famous being in the world !! The weight is trying to make it as human as possible and never fail to have fun.

About to turn 40 you look prettier over time. Does age have any weight for you or do you feel fulfilled? I feel fulfilled in the personal, more mature life. But professionally I still want to play a lot of characters, work hard!

Is she very vain? How much? I was no longer vain. Today I try to take care of myself more, but without exaggeration. In life I am very normal, I like to leave face washed.

In 2008 you were cover of Playboy posing in striking and bohemian places of Rio de Janeiro. How was the experience? Would it change anything? It was very peaceful, I stared like any other work. I would not change a thing.

In this essay you are a woman. Even more beautiful. How do you care? Thank you! I go up and down stairs carrying clothes, sweep, step cloth, I carry Mia in the lap … basically this is my workout. I do not go to the gym. But I spend sunscreen every day and I always go to dermato.

What quality do you admire in men? And what do they need to learn from women? I do not think they need to learn anything from women, nor do I think we need to learn from them. Respect is the basis of any relationship, independent of sex. I think men and women need to respect each other.

For you what is the biggest snare in a relationship? And what is fundamental? Fundamental is respect and admiration. Cilia can have several …

And to relax what makes your head? I talk and drink wine with my friends always!

To conquer you enough … Today ??? It will not be that simple …

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