“A Rich Brew of Elements”

Today’s post is an artist’s spotlight on Milton Nascimento, a Brazilian composer who’s music is described as “a rich brew of elements such as Portuguese fado, Andean music, classical, jazz, and even Gregorian chant.”  As a special treat, you’ll get to stream his full album.  Enjoy!


“Smart Slums”

Today’s featured article introduces the term “smart slums” to describe RIO favelas that are trying new and inventive ways to create cleaner energy and reduce weight.  Read on to find out how urban planners and footballers have figured out how to light the fields at night with energy created by the players themselves.


Children in Brazil slums play football into

“They see death at every corner”

This is how Bezerra de Mello, founder of the Uere school in RIO, describes the consequence of the city’s drug wars on its children.  At this particular school, drills are held often in order to prepare children for the unfortunate inevitable: shootouts.


Schools caught in crossfire in violent Rio de Janeiro slums

Police Robots a Routine Safety Measure

Despite large economic deficits, Rio de Janeiro’s bomb squad unit trumps similar units in South America.  Read on for more on how debt-stricken Rio has managed to build such an advanced defense system and why its routine use has sparked public outrage and ethical concerns.


Rio de Janeiro’s police robot removes and detonates unexploded grenades that drug traffickers leave behind in their battles with the police and rival gangs.

When The “Off-Limit” Tour Goes Too Far

A great tour guide offers “off-limit,” exclusive peeks inside the life and inner workings of a city or structure.  Grand Central Station guide, Dan Brucker, made a three decade long career out of doing just that.  However veteran guide, Brucker may have gone too far, offering access to the Grand Central Terminal that was deemed a little TOO off-limits for the MTA.  What do you think–was the MTA too harsh in suspending Brucker?