Winter Is Coming…

…we just couldn’t help ourselves!  And if you didn’t catch that joke–what rock have you been living under?  Anywhoo…

Summer will arrive before we know it.  And today’s featured article shares the best corners of the planet to hide from the stateside heat.  Our beloved RIO made the list–OF COURSE–with RIO’s winter season beginning in June and lasting through September.  Temperatures in the mid-70s make RIO the best place to visit.  Read on!

10 Best Destinations to Beat the Summer Heat

Brazilian Doctors Help Blind Parents “See” Baby’s Ultrasound

For expectant parents, ultrasound photos are barely enough to tide the excitement while waiting for a baby to be born.  For Ana Paula Silveira and Alvaro Zermiani, however, this wasn’t an option.  Legally blind, the couple are unable to track their baby’s progress in the conventional way.  Enter Dr. Heron Werner, a gynecologist and obstetrician in Rio de Janeiro who made the impossible possible for this soon-to-be mom and dad.  Read on!

Fly Non-stop to RIO…EVERYDAY!

Delta Airlines has just announced a daily, non-stop flight between New York JFK and RIO!  The service begins in December.  Get your bags packed and read on for deets!

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 pushes back for departure

A Different Shade of Green

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, RIO’s Museum of Tomorrow was recognized for a different shade of green.  The museum earned the MIPIM (International Market of Property Professionals) Award for Most Innovative Green Building.  Read on for more on how RIO’s museum design beat out competitors in the UK, Sweden, and Germany.

Rio de Janeiro - Museu do Amanhã, na Praça Mauá. Dedicado à ciência, o público poderá ter experiências modernas com instalações interativas, imaginando os próximos 50 anos (Cristina Índio do Brasil/Agência Brasil)

They’re Calling it “A Little Appetizer”

For the first time since losing to Germany in 2014, Brazil will challenge Germany in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin during the World Cup semifinals in 2018.   This will all go down just a few months before the World Cup takes place in Russia: