RIO’s 2017 Pre-Carnival Just Keeps Going

We’re still two weeks away from RIO’s 2017 Carnival, but the party’s already started and it’s not about to stop!  Check out today’s featured article for the breakdown on the 45 blocos sparking fun and celebration all across RIO this weekend.′

Scenes of Samba carnival with drum group
Scenes of Samba carnival with drum group

The Verdict Is Still Out On the Santa Teresa Bonde Tariff

Tourists, residents and business owners in Santa Teresa have something to say about the newly implemented R$20 tourist fee to ride the bonde tram.  According to news agencies, usage of the tram has increased and continues to grow.  But some say that the cost will deter tourists and visitors seeking convenient transport between the Largo da Carioca section in Centro, up to the Largo dos Guimarães point.

Bonde station at Largo do Curvelo in Santa Teresa