Happy New Year from CCB!

Happy New Year from your friends at Casa Cool Beans!  Here’s a 2017 Travel Bucket List for CEOs (and what better way to break into 2017 than as the chief executive officer of your life!).  Feel free to add a destination or two.  And, hey, we’ll take it as a given that a trip to RIO (your first, second, or hundredth) is an automatic add-on to the list!


New Cinema Studies Come to RIO

If “mastering cinematography” found its way on to your 2017 resolutions list, you’re in luck.  The International Academy of Cinema in RIO is offering 8 film-making courses beginning January 9th.  Read on to hear what president of the RIO Film Commission and American expatriate in RIO, Steve Solot has to say about these new offerings:

Eight Cinema Studies Courses Begin January 9th in Rio de Janeiro

Film production taking place at the International Academy of Cinema in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News

RIO Considers a ‘Mugging Tax’ for Tourists

At a recent lunch event, RIO Mayor-elect Marcello Crivella expressed interest in creating a fund to compensate RIO tourists in the event of a mugging–funded by a tax on those very same tourists.  Mayor Crivella’s hope is to dispel RIO’s “negative image,” but read on to hear what tourism industry leaders have to say in response.

Brazil ‘to charge mugging tax’ to pay tourists back when they fall victim to crime


Happy Holidays from CCB

We wish you a Merry Christmas!  We wish you a Merry Christmas!  From our hearts to yours, a Happy Happy Holidays from Casa Cool Beans.  As we send our love to Brazil, America and every home across the globe, let’s take a look at some of the sweetest holiday desserts across the globe!


Samba Gets New Rhythms, Maintains Soul

In the 100 years since the first recording of samba, the musical genre born of Brazilian slaves has become the “soul of the Brazilian carnival.”  As samba continues to evolve, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, the soul of the music somehow remains unchanged.  Read on for more on how samba has resurrected communities and created bridges in RIO communities.


As the only all-female samba band in a musical genre which  like much of Brazilian society  suffers ...