Austerity Measures Meet Violent Demonstration

Yesterday the Brazilian Senate voted in favor of limiting government spending for the next twenty years while, outside Brazil’s Congress building, thousands protested the decision.  That evening, violence erupted as a negative response to the Constitutional Amendment.  Read on for more details of this unfortunate event.

Brazil,Police clash with demonstrators in Brasilia on Tuesday,


A Special Edition Dance Party at The Maze

This Friday, November 18, DJ Dan Lucas from London will perform dance and electronic music for a special edition dance party located at The Maze.  If you aren’t familiar with the venue, The Maze is a music venue situated at the top of Tavares Bastos.  If you’re able to make this event, you’re in store for spectacular views, great music, a cool venue and a fun crowd.  Read on for details!

The Maze in Rio Hosts Dance Party with DJ Dan Lucas on Nov. 18th

The Maze, Rio de Janeiro, photo by The Maze.

Not I, Says RIO Olympics Organizers

Hundreds of workers whose hard work helped to bring us the 2016 Olympic Games in RIO over the summer say that they still haven’t been paid.  RIO organizers say it’s not their fault: they’re still waiting to be paid by sponsors.  Read on for more!

Is RIO Prepared for the Effects of Climate Change?

RIO scientists expressed concerns that the city may be unprepared to handle the future effects of climate change.  This revelation comes after recent storms battered city beaches and nearby roads.  Read on for details.

Copacabana beach Rio