Telltale Signs of a Gringo

Our swimsuit bottoms look like underpants.  We drink too much and depend too heavily on heavy, cumbersome beach towels.  Take a look at how Cariocas (Rio residents) can spot a Gringo (basically Americans) from a mile away on RIO’s famous beaches.

Airbnb is Rockin’ in RIO

When Airbnb was named the “official alternative accommodation service” for the Olympic games, it the first time that home-sharing was officially associated with the Olympics.  Read on to find out why, for RIO homeowners seeking additional income and Olympic visitors in need of lodging, this pairing seems to be a good match.

Christ the Redeemer during sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2, 2016.

To the WONDERFUL New Zealand Olympic Sailing Team…

To the WONDERFUL New Zealand Olympic Sailing Team who we shared the last few weeks with here at Casa Cool Beans.  Lots of medals were won (CONGRATS EVERYONE) but even more hearts were!  THANK YOU for allowing us to host you during the RIO 2016 OLYMPICS!  You are such super stars!!!!!
*As painted by famous local artist, Patricia Brasil!
-Casa Cool Beans owners & staff
Lance, David, Sergio, Anderson, Alex, Sandra, Martha, Joice & Agatha

Winning Water In RIO

Tourism in RIO places a significant strain on the city’s water supply and today’s article is a call for hotels to play a larger role in not only using water resources more effectively, but encouraging guests to save water as well.  At Casa Cool Beans we are committing to do our part–read on for the unique way our Manager Extraordinaire Sergio Dufrayer Turque has motivated our guests to use less water!

Aguawell at Casa Cool Beans