Life Inside the Olympic Park

Pedro Berto refuses to leave the Vila Autodromo favela, the place he calls home.  Despite the fact that the area has been all but decimated as workers prepare the neighboring Olympic Park for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Pedro returns every day–sometimes to a home with no running water or electricity.  Read on to find out why Pedro doesn’t believe city officials kept their word to the residents of this favela.

This man's house is inside the Olympic Park - and he's refusing to leave

Monobloco Closes 2016 RIO Carnival

Apparently there ain’t no party like a RIO Carnival party ’cause a RIO Carnival party don’t stop! Although 2016 RIO Carnival ended officially on February 10th, blocos (street parties) kept up the tempo through the weekend. In total, there were 505 blocos as a part of this year’s celebration. The popular Monobloco street party helped to bring the celebration to an end on Sunday, February 14th. Read on for more details about the party and the tour group, Monobloco.

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