The Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide App

Rio de Janeiro is among the most popular tourists destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, with a great selection of beaches, bars and even an urban rainforest according to Hostel World that can satisfy any traveler’s desire to explore. With so many things to see and do in Rio de Janeiro, you’d be wise to want to find a guide, and while the staff of the Casa Cool Beans will be more than willing to suggest things to do, your smartphone could very well serve as a tour guide in itself.

It’s all thanks to the Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide, an excellent app developed by eTips LTD. While no substitute for an experienced tour guide, those who want to explore the city on their own will find no better companion, as the app not only integrates seamlessly with an Apple Watch, but also offers a myriad of features no other travel apps have.

For starters, all the information on the app is stored locally, and while this means that it’s a bigger download, it saves you time and money because you won’t need to turn on your mobile data to be able to access information. As Kim Shadbolt, social media manager of Pocket Fruity, writes in a blog post, “Whenever you can, use Wi-Fi. It’s another good way to save mobile battery, it’s cheaper because you won’t use up all your data allowance, and Wi-Fi is just generally more reliable for playing games on your mobile. 3G is good, but can be a bit temperamental depending on where you are, what network you’re on and how much data allowance you have.” Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to find good, free WiFi while walking around the city, so an app that stores interactive maps on your phone could very well be a blessing.

The Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide also makes use of one amazing feature: augmented reality. By simply turning on the feature on your phone, you can scan the area around you for interesting things to do, and a GPS-enabled step tracker ensures that you never get lost in the city as well. With short descriptions for major tourist attractions, the app is perfect for a solo walking tour of Rio de Janeiro, and it even provides four different itineraries you can follow, with “tips and advices to travelers, how to get into the city, how to move around, where to shop, where to go at night, most popular places, safety tips, etc…”

As is discussed on Property Brazil, a good travel app doesn’t just give users access to information, it also needs to work offline and be user-friendly, and the Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide is all of this and so much more. While apps such as TripAdvisor and TripOso will always be more popular, there are often apps like the Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide that can help you get around the city, and might even offer a better experience.