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The first colonial capital for the Portuguese in the New World, São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos (or as it is more commonly known as, Salvador) is a beautiful port city in the northern state of Bahia. Considered the de facto hub of African influence in Brazil, Salvador is THE place to explore Afro-Brazilian culture. Whether it be Salvador’s famed Capoeira schools, or its status as the birthplace of samba music, those who wish to enjoy the most Brazilian of experiences should take the opportunity to visit this historical port!


Sights we recommend


Porto da Barra (a gorgeous beach in the scenic and historic Barra Neighborhood, where we also recommend spending some time! Considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil and the 3rd best in the world according to The Guardian)


São Francisco Church & Convent (one of the most ornate and gorgeous churches in the world, this golden symbol of Brazil’s catholic fervor features fantastic illusionist art by José Joaquim da Rocha as well as inscriptions of Horace’s poetry!)


Bale Folclorico da Bahia (a traditional hour-long play hosted in a small theatre in the “Pelourinho” area of Salvador. An excellent exploration of the themes of Salvador’s colonial/slave trade history and how African influence shaped the identity of this city)




Ki-Mukeka (traditional Bahian food, known for its bobo and muceca)Avenida Otavio Mangabeira, 136 Jardim Armacao, Salvador


Yemanja (THE place to get Bahian street food such as acaraje) Av Otavio Mangabeira 4655, Salvador

Restaurante do SENAC (Kilo Buffet that provides diners with the opportunity to sample many different kinds of local and African cuisines) Largo do Pelourinho, Salvador




The most efficient manner to reach Salvador from Rio de Janeiro would be to travel there by plane.


Cost: R$100 – R$ 200 one way flight

Time: 2-2.5 hours




Pousada Estrela do Mar


Ideally located in the center of Barra, one finds several attractions within walking distance! Irish owner Sean is known for his attention to providing all his guests with amazing service and support.


Cost (Daily): R$250-400­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________________________________________


Casa da Vitoria Pousada de Charme


The #1 TripAdvisor ranked BnB/Inn in Salvador, this pousada caters wonderfully to your needs while providing some relaxation and space from the bustle of the city.

Casa da Vitoria has a wonderful view to the beach, clean, well-maintained facilities, and a very attentive staff.


Cost (Daily): R$ 250-300



La Ville Française


A reasonably priced pousada also located in “Barra”, highly recommended for those who want spend the duration of their trip really “in” the city, or for those who require significant multilingual help during their stay (especially French!). The two owners are known for their wealth of knowledge regarding the Center of Salvador, and are sure to enhance one’s local experiences while there!


Cost (Daily): R$ 130