Heading to Copacabana New Year Eve’s Big Party Next Week? Some tips and information…

Rio NYE party

Rio de Janeiro is less than one week from the New Year’s Eve big firework display at Copacabana Beach. The city has just hosted the Stevie Wonder and Gilberto Gil Christmas Concert and now the stages for the dozens of shows to be performed at the famous beach are being readied for the Reveillon Festivities.

There will be two main stages, The Palco Principal (Main Stage) will be in front of Copacabana Palace and Palco Claro will be further down the beach opposite Rua Santa Clara. There will be more other two small stages, one located at Leme and the other one in front of Rua Xavier da Silveira. The show at the two main stages will run uninterruptedly until the fireworks starts at midnight, with a break of 16 minutes. The shows will be back right after the fireworks display finishes and then run until around 3 am. Below are the line ups :


Main stage (Copacabana Palace)

*8PM – DJs MAM e Marcelinho da Lua

*9PM – Diogo Nogueira
10:30 PM – Sorriso Maroto

12AM – Fireworks

12:20 AM – Claudia Leite

1AM – Ellen Oléria – vencedora do programa The Voice

3AM – G.R.E.S Unidos da Tijuca


Claro Stage (Rua Santa Clara)

8PM – Mariene de Castro

9PM – Olodance

*10PM – Baby do Brasil

12AM – Fireworks

12:20 AM – Grupo Revelação

*1:40 AM – G.R.E.S Acadêmicos do Salgueiro

*2:20 AM – G.R.E.S. Unidos de Vila Isabel


Rua Xavier da Silveira stage

6PM – Dj

7PM – Grupo vou pro Sereno

*8:30 PM – Dj Brinquinho

9:30PM – Stylo X

12AM – Fireworks

2:16 AM – Stylo X

1AM – Dj Lesco

2AM – Dj Presuntinho


Leme Stage

6PM – Start of program – Band

7PM – Band

12AM – Fireworks

*12:20AM – Samba School

2AM – DJ

* Performance Highlights


Two million people are expected at Copacabana beach on December 31st so Copacabana will be packed and for that reason there are some tips that should be followed:

  • Go by metro – it is important to arrive early. The Atlantic Avenue will be blocked at 3pm and the whole neighborhood will have its streets blocked for private cars running at 6pm. Buy the metro (subway) tickets in advance. They are going to be selling special tickets for the day. On the 31st, from 7pm, those are going to be the only ones accepted. Casa Cool Beans has already arranged that for its guests coming for the New Year!
  • Taxis and Buses – They are running all night but the traffic is going to be very slow so it is still recommended to get the metro even knowing that it is going to be busy. So if you are going to use buses or taxis just be patient!
  • No Cell Phones – It usually stop working well close to the fireworks displays and especially during the show. Imagine 2 millino people trying to whish Happy New Year to their families and friends at the same time!!!
  • Good meeting point – Better use places like the big hotels (Copacabana Palace, Marriot or Othon Palace) as predetermined meeting points if anyone gets separated from the group.
  • Safety – Walking among a big crowd like this requires some precaution. The basic recommendation is to keep your wallet in the front pocket and never in the rear one.  Also, leave the Havaianas at the hotel and prefer use shoes avoiding get your feet cut at any of the broken glass left on the ground.
  • After the Fireworks – Stay at the beach and enjoy the music program. It will be for sure the smartest idea if you don’t want to be among the many people that will leave at the same time just after the fireworks display finishes.


We hope you all enjoy the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, comfortably, safe and very, very happy!!!