Sambodromo rehearsal schedule for 2012 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Now that we have celebrated a New Year; Revellion, here in Rio de Janeiro, it is time to turn our attention to Carnival!!!!  Below is the schedule for all the rehearsals at the Sambadromo; STARTING TONIGHT; January 8th:

These rehearsals for the Samba Parade take place on the samba runway itself in the Sambodromo. There are a few every weekend.

Go and watch them for free. You can try most grandstand sectors. It is a good opportunity to warm yourself up for the great party that will develop during the actual Samba Parade and see it all in preparation.

The very last rehearsal is the most spectacular show with lights and sound system already in place for final testing. The last champions’ parade is invited to. If you think that`s all, after that rehearsal, the biggest and most traditional street band (Cordão do bola preta) appears at beginning of the Venue, getting into  the samba run way with a lot of traditional samba songs, called in Portuguese “marchinhas”. Go, join in, dance and live Carnival with them! On this very day, Sambodromo lives it`s most crowded moment, as people can get there and watch for free! Don`t miss it!!!

January 2012
Date Day 7 PM 8 PM 10 PM
08th Sunday Opening ceremony Beija-Flor
13th Friday Imperio Serrano Uniao da Ilha
14th Saturday Paraiso do Tuiuti Rocinha Portela
15th Sunday Renascer Mocidade Unidos da Tijuca
21st Saturday Inocentes Porto da Pedra
22nd Sunday Santa Cruz Grande Rio Vila Isabel
27th Friday Cubango Imperio da Tijuca
28th Saturday Estacio de Sa Imperatriz
29th Sunday Viradouro Uniao da Ilha Salgueiro
February 2012
Date Day 7 PM 8 PM 10 PM
03rd Friday Vila Isabel
04th Saturday Renascer Sao Clemente Porto da Pedra
05th Sunday Mangueira Unidos da Tijuca
10th Friday Mocidade Salgueiro
11th Saturday Portela Imperatriz
12th Sunday Sound and light testing with Beija-flor