Rio de Janeiro adds public bike rentals…(as reported in the Huffington Post) Oct 28, 2011

Rio de Janeiro to have public bike rental program

October 28, 2011 04:57 PM EST | AP

RIO DE JANEIRO — The Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro is implementing a public bike rental program, following in the footsteps of Paris, Washington, Mexico City and San Francisco.

Rio de Janeiro public bike rental program starts October 28th, 2011

The system was inaugurated Friday (October 28th, 2011) with 11 bike rental stations in the beach-side neighborhood of Copacabana. The mayor’s office says 60 secure docking stations will be installed across the city by Dec. 13, making 600 bicycles available to the public. The bikes can be returned at any station, giving riders freedom to hop on and off where needed. Users have to register online and buy a daily pass for $3 or monthly pass for $6. Rio’s system is modeled after the bike-sharing program implemented in Paris in 2007 and reproduced by many cities around the world. -as reported in the Huffington Post by AP


We are ecstatic that such a program has been implemented as many of our guests who are used to such bike rental programs want to use one here in Rio de Janeiro!

For the official website (in Portuguese) please find the link below: