Is that Sade?…..REALLY???

Sade World Tour 2011

We decided since we have ALWAYS wanted to see Sade in concert that there was no better time than the present. Large posters of Sade’s upcoming concert had been pasted about everywhere paper and glue could go; if that wasn’t a sign, what was? So, we went to the website to purchase the tickets and the CHEAPEST tickets were just under R$300!!! And this was in a section with no assigned seats at the back of HSBC Arena. Hummm…..well we purchased them anyway and off we went 4 hours early to pick up Katia and a couple of her friends in Ipanema. There was no ciaos at the front door; just orderly Sade-fans excited to see their idol. We got some of the best seats available in our free-for-all seating area. Thank God for the large monitors which actually allowed me to see the show! Below is a photo of Sade from our seats. It was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!

Sade at HSBC AREANA-Rio de Janeiro (October 22nd, 2011)