TRAGEDY in Santa Teresa…Bonde crashes!

For those who have not heard, this past Saturday (August 27th, 2011) one of the famous little yellow Bonde trams crashed (runs from Centro to Santa Teresa and back) ….killing 5 people and injuring upwards of 60 persons!  More below in an article from The Rio Times…..such a tragedy for those people on the tram, their families, those of us that rely and enjoy the Bonde, etc.

Investigating the Bonde Accident in Rio

By Sarah de Sainte Croix, Senior Contributing Reporter (August 3oth, 2011)

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Officers are investigating the cause of Saturday’s bonde (streetcar) derailment in Rio’s Santa Teresa neighborhood, which left five people dead and 54 wounded after the brakes failed on a downhill stretch of track. Preliminary findings suggest that parts of the brakes were being held together with wires instead of screws, and that there was evidence of recent soldering and substandard repair work to the brakes.

Santa Teresa's bonde (streetcar) accident left five people dead in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Santa Teresa’s bonde (streetcar) accident left five people dead in Rio, image recreation.

Both the ICCE (The Carlos Éboli Forensics Institute) and CREA (The Regional Counsel for Engineering and Architecture), who were called in to investigate the accident, have speculated that a combination of poor maintenance and overloading of the vehicle (the bonde was carrying 62 passengers when its maximum safe limit is 44), were to blame for the accident.


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