Building a business in Brazil (Lance being interviewed by Molly; April 2011)

Although Casa Cool Beans has only been open just seven months now, we have had hundreds of guests, many we would consider friends. Nellu and Molly are certainly two of those friends. They came to stay with us for a few weeks back in April 2011. At one point, Molly inquired if she could interview me (practice on me); which I quickly granted her request. Below is the video she taped; “Building a business in Brazil”. (I was a bit upset that the wardrobe and makeup staff did not show up on this particular day!) I might add that we have encountered more drama than anyone can imagine (both before and after this interview), but we remain ecstatic that we made the choice to relocate here to this fabulous bohemian village of Santa Teresa in the middle of Rio de Janeiro to open Casa Cool Beans! Thanks Molly!

Building a Business in Brazil from Molly Mazilu on Vimeo.

and also on vimeo. There are actually two:

It’s customary for journalists, at the end of an interview, to ask if the interviewee has anything to add, mostly to make sure you’re not missing a critical part of the story. When I asked Lance, he gave me a response that needed to stand on its own. (If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you might want to keep this video close at hand and listen to it every morning you need a pep talk.) -Molly