WHO makes the LGBT top 10 global destinations list???

This is great news…..at least for the those that made the TOP 10! 🙂

LONDON, UK (OUTNOW) — MAY 10, 2011 — Results of the largest market research study of its kind are released today – and the new report reveals – for the first time – which are the true gay tourism hotspots, right around the world…………A new study from Out Now Global for the first time reveals results from LGBT people living in 18 countries right around the world – to give a far more definitive and much more accurate global picture of exactly where LGBT people are planning to visit for their holidays in the next three years. With almost 40,000 respondents from this landmark study, Out Now’s LGBT2020 research is the largest study of its kind ever to be undertaken. As well as a comprehensive data set collected from the USA and Canada, the research also covered seven countries never before tested in the fast growing region of Latin America.

For the rest of the article scroll down below the TOP 10 LIST….


Destination Score Max 180

#1 New York 179
#2 Sydney 177
#3 Rio de Janeiro 173
#4 Paris 168
#5 San Francisco 165
#6 London 156
#7 Buenos Aires 154
#8 Tokyo 148
#9 Hong Kong 128
#10 Melbourne 127

Go RIO, Go RIO, Go RIO….it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday…..wops! Lost my happy mind for a moment! This is REALLY great news for Rio de Janeiro…..but no surprise!