100+ bands to perform at FESTIVAL Santa Música…this SUNDAY June 19th

**UNFORTUNATELY the Festival was cancelled (only 2 days before) by an order from a Judge after a neighborhood association protested…mmmm; can you say constipated!!!**

With over 100 bands to perform throughout the afternoon here in Santa Teresa this Sunday it will be a MUSICAL EVENT to he heard around the world! Here is much more on the specifics….if you are in Rio you MUST NOT MISS THIS!!!

Festival Santa Musica-Uma festa popular, gratuita, aberta a quem quiser participar. Todos os estilos sonoros em alegre convivência. A celebração da música entre pessoas de todas as idades e origens sociais.

Festival Santa Musica-A popular, free party, opened to who to want to participate. All the styles in joyful reunion. The celebration of music between people of all ages and social origins.

Festival Santa Musica

Check out the official website for details on which bands are playing where and when: