WHO makes the LGBT top 10 global destinations list???

This is great news…..at least for the those that made the TOP 10! 🙂

LONDON, UK (OUTNOW) — MAY 10, 2011 — Results of the largest market research study of its kind are released today – and the new report reveals – for the first time – which are the true gay tourism hotspots, right around the world…………A new study from Out Now Global for the first time reveals results from LGBT people living in 18 countries right around the world – to give a far more definitive and much more accurate global picture of exactly where LGBT people are planning to visit for their holidays in the next three years. With almost 40,000 respondents from this landmark study, Out Now’s LGBT2020 research is the largest study of its kind ever to be undertaken. As well as a comprehensive data set collected from the USA and Canada, the research also covered seven countries never before tested in the fast growing region of Latin America.

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Destination Score Max 180

#1 New York 179
#2 Sydney 177
#3 Rio de Janeiro 173
#4 Paris 168
#5 San Francisco 165
#6 London 156
#7 Buenos Aires 154
#8 Tokyo 148
#9 Hong Kong 128
#10 Melbourne 127

Go RIO, Go RIO, Go RIO….it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday…..wops! Lost my happy mind for a moment! This is REALLY great news for Rio de Janeiro…..but no surprise!


100+ bands to perform at FESTIVAL Santa Música…this SUNDAY June 19th

**UNFORTUNATELY the Festival was cancelled (only 2 days before) by an order from a Judge after a neighborhood association protested…mmmm; can you say constipated!!!**

With over 100 bands to perform throughout the afternoon here in Santa Teresa this Sunday it will be a MUSICAL EVENT to he heard around the world! Here is much more on the specifics….if you are in Rio you MUST NOT MISS THIS!!!

Festival Santa Musica-Uma festa popular, gratuita, aberta a quem quiser participar. Todos os estilos sonoros em alegre convivência. A celebração da música entre pessoas de todas as idades e origens sociais.

Festival Santa Musica-A popular, free party, opened to who to want to participate. All the styles in joyful reunion. The celebration of music between people of all ages and social origins.

Festival Santa Musica

Check out the official website for details on which bands are playing where and when:

The Changing Face of Santa Teresa-The Rio Times (June 15th, 2011)

We love the Rio Times……always keeping us updated on local events in English! 🙂  Here is a nice article on Santa that was in today’s edition.

The Changing Face of Santa Teresa

By Samuel Elliott Novacich, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Santa Teresa, the bohemian neighborhood nestling itself on a s


The Urbanist’s Rio…Speedo-less beaches, soap-star bashes, and very-late-night snacks

Catching up on reading my favorite magazine, New York Magazine, I came across this wonderful issue; APRIL 25th, 2011; “AROUND THE WORLD IN 156 PAGES; THE URBANIST’S GUIDE TO Paris, Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Bankok, RIO & Cairo”.  On page 32- RIO-Speedo-less beaches, soap-star bashes, and very-late-night snacks.

Got body?

Broken down into ten sub-topics, all interesting and worth a glance….read on!

Rio de Janeiro has always been Brazil’s greatest attraction: a city of gorgeous, gregarious, athletically blessed people that is almost impossibly draped over dramatic green hills along a coastline indented with beautiful beaches. It’s also a city of crime, chronic poverty, and deep-seated corruption. Like Brazil itself (whose stock market shot up more than 350 percent from 2000 to 2010), Rio is percolating right now; commercial rents, according to one assessment, are now higher here than in New York. Inflation’s on the rise too—but with the World Cup arriving in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the long-neglected port area being overhauled, three new museums going up, and even the crime-ridden favelas slowly coming under state control, the city’s feeling pretty good. It’s still no paradise, though it comes as close as any complicated metropolis of 12 million inhabitants ever could.


The Top Three Beach Scenes
Top Five Boutiques
Is Rio Safe?
The Downtown Circuit
Where to Party Like a Soap Star
Botecos—for Drinks and Snacks
Rio’s Changing Architecture
Where Locals Would Stay If They Weren’t Locals
Top Chefs