Surf Bus…totally awsome, man!

Lets go surfin now
Everybodys learning how
Come on and safari with me
(come on and safari with…)
Early in the morning well be startin out…..

You know the words to Surfin’ Safari by the Beach Boys……OR better yet, the Chuck Berry written song performed by the Beach Boys….Surfin’ USA…

If everybody had an ocean; Across the U.S.A…then everybody’d be surfin’ like Califon-I-A!

Sunset surfer

But this is Brazil and there is a fresh surf culture here not to be missed.  For catching some great waves, one only needs to catch the SURF BUS.  Here’s how…..

DEPARTS FROM: Largo do Machado (Rio de Janeiro-Botafogo) at 7h, 10h, 13h, 16h

COMES BACK from PRAINHA at 8:30h, 11:30h, 14:30h, 17:30h

You simply choose which beach you wish to jump off at….Leme, Copacabana, Arporador, Ipanema, Leblon (all in the south zone), Sao COnrado, Barra, Recreio, Macumba or Prainha.  The complete trip takes about 1h30min.  Please note that on Saturdays and Sundays the last stop is Macumba Beach.

FROM THE website:

“Surf Bus works everyday of the week from 7a to 7p.  It is a completely transformed bus with the capacity to carry up to 12 long boards, 20 smaller boards, and 10 body boards; equipped with a 32″ LCD TV exhibiting surf films and video clips, DVD, Hi-Fi stereo video, surround-sound system, mini-fridge and cabinet with surf rope, scraper and parzffin in case the surfer needs it.”  For more information on their website or in person:

(21) 2527 0891-office or (21) 8515 2289-bus phone OR OR