David and Lance beat AMAZING RACE contestants to Selaron Stairs!!!

David at Selaron Stairs-Santa Teresa/Lapa
Lance at Selaron Stairs-Santa Teresa/Lapa

So we had a bit of a head start…..we have been coming to Brazil for many years!  The TV show, “Amazing Race” closed it’s season show last week in RIO. This show as per  TV  market research  has 25 million viewers each Sunday. The contestants flew into Rio and took the Bondie to Santa Teresa to  find the SELARON STAIRS!  Santa Teresa ROCKS!!!

Ok, for those of you who don’t know what the SELARON STAIRS are or who Jorge Selaron is…..read on!

Selaron’s own site:


Taken from the MOSAICSOURCE.com web site quoting Mr. Selaron!

Who is Jorge Selaron?

“I was born in Chilli in 1947 and, after travelling, working and living in more than 50 countries, I arrived in Brazil in 1983. In 1990, I started work on my major masterpiece which, little by little, turned into the most original stairway in the world. It has 250 stairs and is 125 metres long.

In the beginning, everyone laughed at me I covered the steps in green, blue and yellow tiles – the colours of the Brazilian flag. As I worked, my profession changed from painter to sculptor, my hands covered in blood, calluses, irritating and in pain. Even though the work was difficult, I was passionate about it.

The rent was late, the phone was cut but every time I succeeded in finding some money, I bought materials and continued, obsessed and possessed. I worked without rest and I stopped when I had no more material left. When that happened, I painted paintings to earn some money so that I would be able to continue my work. Since 1977, I have painted and drawn over 25,000 pregnant women, my choice of subject due to a past personal issue. I have already painted more than 300 tiles and I have put much of my life into my masterpiece. I have invented a fantastic unique technique which consists of constantly changing the tiles. This gives a unique energy, and makes it a living, mutating work of art with over 2000 different tiles, collected in over 60 different countries.”


How to get to the SELARNO STAIRS from Casa Cool Beans…..



If you would like to make a donation to Selaron’s staircase, send your tiles to:

Selaron (Pinto Chileno)

Escadaria Selaron, No. 24

CEP 20241-120 Santa Tereza

Rio de Janeiro Brazil