Dolores THE "Buggy Tour Lady"

You might have read about DOLORES on TripAdvisor or seen her mentioned in the Guide Books….she exists and she is FABULOUS!!!

Lonely Planet states, “Dolores Leao is a lively guide who speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.  Her Buggy Tours are highly recommended by many readers”.

When our clients come back from one of her 1/2-day or full-day tours they are ecstatic that they booked her.  She charges R$110 per person for 4-hours; 6-hours R$150; 8-hours R$180.  50% more if there is only one person.  Due to the size of her “buggies” her buggy tours can generally only accommodate three people.

Her tag line, “Buggy Tour- The best way to know Rio” is spot on.  Taking a tour with Dolores is the best way to know Rio.  All her tours are customized to YOU.  But she is eager to share secrets and tidbits along the way to provide you an “insiders” view.  Below are some guests of Casa Cool Beans about to embark on their tour with Dolores (in the middle).  For guests of Casa Cool Beans, she lives down the street so has quick, easy access to the Guesthouse.  But be careful to book early as she is very popular!  You do not need to be staying with us at Casa Cool Beans….simply ask the hotel or guesthouse where you are staying to contact Dolores for the booking….you will be glad you did!

Dolores "The Buggy Tour Lady"