Fall weather in Rio de Janeiro (March-May)

The weather is SO NICE right now in Rio de Janeiro.  I love it!!!  Proof is on the iPhone…:)…see below.  Most resources state that the fall starts out hot, rainy and humid (March) and ends mild and less rain (May).

From the RDJ.com website:

Rio de Janeiro Fall: March-May
March is one of the rainiest months in Rio de Janeiro. Fall in general is hot, with temperatures and humidity levels dropping slightly from the subtropical heat of summer. Rio de Janeiro weather in the later part of fall is one of the best times to visit.

So what are you guys waiting for?  Perfect weather is already here!

Rio de Janeiro is #5 Top Destination in the World

TripAdvisor’s Top 25 destinations in the World just came out… and Rio de Janeiro is #5!  No surprise, but there is some tough competition.  Rounding out the top five are #4-Paris, France; #3-Machu Picchu, Peru; #2-Sydney, Australia; and #1…..drum roll…..please……Cape Town, South Africa.  But enough about them….let’s get back to Rio….

#5-Rio de Janeiro
Whether your curiosity is piqued by the International Olympic Committee’s selection for the 2016 Games, or you’re heeding the call of the famous twin beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio offers more than you can imagine, and offers it at all hours. With breathtaking views from Corcovado Mountain and breathtaking deals in the city’s endless malls and markets, Rio de Janeiro is a vacation paradise, whatever it is you travel for.
Don’t miss
  • Corcorvado
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao d e Acucar)
  • Copacabana and Ipanema beaches
  • Santa Teresa
Plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro….(Casa Cool Beans is #1 in the B&B category below……)