Shopping-the best of the best! (Gilson Martins)

Part of the excitement of going on vacation and being in a new location is finding a trinket, accessory or special reminder of your visit.  We would like to provide you with some of our favorites, SPECIAL (read UNIQUE) shops here in Rio that you should not miss; most are “Carioca original”!  We’ve already posted on Granado….now this post is about the accessory designer, GILSON MARTINS.  Gilson’s inspiration comes from the visuals he encountered growing up in Rio de Janeiro, now translated into hip, quirky collectible purses, key chains, & wallets which can be found in NYC at MOMA’s Giftshop and of course here in Rio de Janeiro.

The key chains we use for the guest room keys here at Casa Cool Beans are from Gilson Martins as they are stylish and feature prominent Rio de Janeiro sites on their products; VERY COOL.  With three locations to choose from your travels in Rio should have you in close proximity to one of their stores.

Ipanema- Rua Visconde de Piraja, 462

Copacabana- Rua Figueiredo Magalhaes, 304-A

Atlantica- Rua Atlantica, 1998

Gilson Martins (Ipanema)

Even the first family, The Obamas’, were recently presented with some Gilson Martins (March 2011)…..

An article in The Rio Times from October 26, 2010…..

Carioca Style From Gilson Martins

WE LOVE GILSON MARTINS……and it is obvious by the MANY Gilson Martins bags discarded at Casa Cool Beans that our guests we send there do too!!!  Keep on “Carioca” shopping!

Happy Birthday Mousse!

Yes we are going to throw a party here at Casa Cool Beans for Mousse this week…..he is 12 dog years old…..and depending on who you believe that is anywhere from around 60 to almost 80 “human years”.  He has been our dear companion for 10 years so the least we can do is throw a party!  We are inviting all our guests and to accompany the cake we will be demonstrating how to make Caipirinhas!   Here are some recent photos of Mousse with our dear friend and business colleague, Katia here at Casa Cool Beans.  Birthday party photos to come later this week! 🙂

Katia & Mousse at Casa Cool Beans
Katia & Mousse at Casa Cool Beans

Sorry for the delay as I thought we had posted these few photos of Mousses Birthday Party some time ago……

Lance at Mousse's Birthday Party
Lance demonstrating how to make caipirinhas to all the Casa Cool Beans guests