CARNIVAL…Santa Teresa Style

The build up to Carnival is reaching a small frenzy; even with more than a week left before the BIG parades at the Sambodromo!  Last night here in Santa Teresa we had the Bloco das Carmelitas. Parading from the corner of Dias de Barros and Ladeira de Santa Teresa; down Dias de Barros, Alte. Alexandrino and Largo do Guimarães and of course ALWAYS ending up at Bar do Gomes-one block from Casa Cool Beans. (Photo below; Bar do Gomes on the left at around midnight February 25th.)  Then today beginning around 8am our Santa Teresa CARNIVAL party began (other photos below at around 9am February 26th; still Bar do Gomes on the left).  Everyone dressed up in fun party attire or just crazy costumes drinking beer so early in the morning?  Carnival has arrived!!! ***Take note of the Bonde (our little yellow tram) all dressed up for Carnival there in the middle of the crowd in the second and third photos***