Using Art to Empower Women and Demand Equality

Today’s featured article is sure to provide the motivation you need to be bold this week.  Whether teaching art to children or displaying their own, these women are demanding an end to violence against women.  Experience their determination to be heard, and to convince others to stand, through this a beautiful display of their bold portfolio.

Graffiti artist Maiara Viana Rodrigues paints a mural at her home neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 7, 2017. "We use graffiti to end violence against women," says the 25-year-old designer and visual artist. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

Lions, and Tigers, and Zika

For all the concerns that might scare visitors away from RIO for the 2016 Olympic Games–street gangs, Zika,  Internet security, the water, and so on–the author of this article simply isn’t bothered.  Read the full article to find out why this 13-time visitor to the Olympics plans to be present for the Games in RIO: