Winter Is Coming…

…we just couldn’t help ourselves!  And if you didn’t catch that joke–what rock have you been living under?  Anywhoo…

Summer will arrive before we know it.  And today’s featured article shares the best corners of the planet to hide from the stateside heat.  Our beloved RIO made the list–OF COURSE–with RIO’s winter season beginning in June and lasting through September.  Temperatures in the mid-70s make RIO the best place to visit.  Read on!

10 Best Destinations to Beat the Summer Heat

Happy New Year from CCB!

Happy New Year from your friends at Casa Cool Beans!  Here’s a 2017 Travel Bucket List for CEOs (and what better way to break into 2017 than as the chief executive officer of your life!).  Feel free to add a destination or two.  And, hey, we’ll take it as a given that a trip to RIO (your first, second, or hundredth) is an automatic add-on to the list!–articleId-383131333-vv-be7b1950-10fe-4b09-81e4-5bb44e20f1e5

How ‘Festive’ Is Your Bucket List?

Today’s featured article is sure to help clear your bucket list.  Read on for a list of international festivals that should be on your bucket list, including–yep, you guessed it–RIO CARNIVAL!

A member of the samba school Grande Rio performs on the second day of parades at the Sambodromo during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.