Brazilian Treatment Center Rescues, Releases Hunted Wildlife

A short drive from RIO de Janeiro, birds, turtles and other animals born in the wild must be nursed back to health after being hunted and sold illegally as domesticated animals.  The IBAMA Treatment Center rescues thousands of animals each year and then releases them back into the wild.  Read on to learn more about the unfortunate impact that trafficking has had on wildlife in Brazil and the touching efforts of the IBAMA team, environmental police, and other groups to put an end to this practice.

Beyond the Feijoada: Celebrating RIO’s Afro Brazilian Heritage and Culture


In honor of RIO’s Valongo Wharf (Port Zone), the largest entry point for African slaves in the America, being declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, today’s featured post offers suggestions for a deeper exploration of Afro Brazilian heritage and culture in Brazil.  Read on for an introductory glimpse at the impact of the African legacy on RIO, including restaurant venues with fresh culinary experiences, upcoming multicultural events, and activities that combine tourism with social activism and history.


Samba’s Literary Festival Today in Tijuca

The second edition of the “FliSamba,” a literary festival dedicated to the samba music genre will be held today in Renascença Clube in Tijuca in Zona Norte (North Zone).  The event lasts from 9:30am to 10pm and this year will honor samba greats, Dona Ivone Lara and Nelson Sargento.


Artist Credit: Brigitte Werner (

Bieber Atones for Defacement in Brazil

Justin Bieber has made amends for defacing a building in Brazil as a teenager.  The graffiti case has been dropped in exchange for the singer donating $6,000 to a Brazilian hospital.  The incident occurred four years ago, so–we just can’t help ourselves–we guess it wasn’t too late to say “Sorry.”


Photo Credit: David Mark