Maiko’s (the Concierge at Casa Cool Beans) choices for this week: Dec 18th to Dec 24th 2012


*Henrique Oliveira

Oliveira uses “tapumes”, which in portugese can mean fencing, boarding, or enclosure, as a title for many of his large-scale installations.

Tue to Fri – 11am – 6pm, Sat and Sun – 11am to 5pm, Fev 3rd 2013.

Centro de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Rua Luis de Camōes, 68 – Centro



Augusto Malta

Different photographers interpret images taken by the famous brazilian photographer Augusto Malta on ancient Copacabana.

Tue to Sun 14pm – 6pm

Espaço Sesc – Galeria, Rua Domingos Ferreira, 160, Copacabana – until Fev 03rd 2013




Enquanto estamos aqui (While we are here)

On stage, the action takes place on and around a big table, around which the audience settles. Solo presentation of the ballet dancer Marcia Rubin.

Thursday, 9:30pm

Espaço Sesc – Mezanino, Rua Domingos Ferreira 160, Copacabana.




Sarau Déjavú

New composers and interpreters of Brazilian music gather to present their work to an audience hungry for new trends in contemporary Brazilian music scene.

Wednesday, 9:30pm

Studio RJ, Av. Vieira Souto, 110 – Ipanema

Entrance fee: R$40,00


*Hermeto Pascoal

Known as “Bruxo” (the Sorcerer), Pascoal often makes music with unconventional objects such as teapots, children’s toys, and animals, as well as people’s voice. He plays his new songs and also some old hits.

Friday, 10:00pm

Circo Voador, Rua dos Arcos 1, Lapa

Entrance fee: R$80,00



Monoblock is back on stage this weekend with its varied repertoire of percussion performance, playing the best of samba.

Saturday, 11pm

Circo Voador, Rua dos Arcos 1, Lapa

Entrance fee: R$60,00


Classic Ballet


*O Quebra Nozes (The Nutcracker)

In the great surrounds of the city Municipal Theatre overlooking Cinelândia, the 120 year-old score by Tchaikovsky accompanying the resident ballet company becomes a veritable must for fans of a little seasonal cheer.

Date: Dec 19-23

Alternative dates Dec 27-30, Jan 03-06 2013

Open 8pm (except Sun 5pm)

Teatro Municipal – Praça Marechal Floriano – Cinelândia

Entrance fee: R$ 25 to R$ 84


*This area might be unsafe; please discuss with us before going!