22nd ARTE DE PORTAS ABERTAS (The Art of Open Doors) this weekend; Friday-Sunday July 6-8; 11h-18h


You won’t want to miss this once a year opportunity to spend some time in Santa Teresa this weekend roaming the cobblestone streets and having the privilege of entering studios and homes of the local artists.  The Art of Open Doors event is important artistic and cultural scene in Rio, and what happens once a year in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro.  The event celebrates the artists who open the doors of their studios to showcase their work to the public in a scenic beauty and cultural richness.  Maps can be found around Santa Teresa to advise you on locations.  A good starting point is Largo do Guimarães; the main square and “bus stop” in Santa; making it the heart.  There in the main square, next to the cinema (newly renovated and reopened just a week ago) you can find the “i” sign (stands for information) hanging above the door of a tourist information shop….for sure you can snag a map of the participating artists there.  For more immediate information, you can go to the following website:


There are wonderful restaurants all up and down the road that passes through Largo do Guimaraes; so build up an appetite!  Hours of Open Doors are 11h-18h daily.  ENJOY!!!!!

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The bohemian neighbourhood throws open its doors for the 22nd edition of the open art event

Renan Cepedo

Santa Teresa is as famous for its artistic endeavours as it is the iconic bonde (tram) that once rattled its way along the tracks that are etched into the cobbled streets. A world away from the Rio of Ipanema and Leblon, the locals’ pride in their community is as strong as the sense of bohemia that you cannot fail to notice while strolling the tree-lined streets.

All of which makes the one weekend a year when they welcome ‘outsiders’ en masse the perfect opportunity to check out some of the workshops as well as having a good nose at the beautiful houses. Art, gastronomy and music all come together, with the likes of Pedro Grapiuna and Espirito Santa welcoming the visitors, but we have picked five of the best artists worth looking out for on the official route.

1. Barbara Sotério
Rua Paulo Matos 46, Santa Teresa

(drawing and painting)


2. Maria Verônica Martins
Rua Monte Alegre 356/104, Santa Teresa


3. Renan Cepedo
Rua do Oriente 414, Santa Teresa


4. Delfina Renck Reis
Travessa do Oriente 16b, Santa Teresa

(painting, toys and papier machê)


5. Wanderley Figueiredo
Rua do Oriente 5/202